oxalate problem

Stoned on Excessive Oxalates

Here I am working hard to get healthy and learn that some foods I’ve been eating may have actually been more detrimental than helpful. This epiphany has evolved over time, but it’s hard to realize that you’ve sabotaged yourself and left your body “stoned”. In the medical world, the word oxalates brings in the nephrologists […]

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wired but tired

Wired But Tired?

Stressed out? I was, and so are about 80% of the American population. I think everyone has had the experience at one point and time when they’ve just outdone themselves. In school cramming for exams, pulling all nighters and not eating a well rounded diet often puts many students into an adrenal crash and burn. I started doing […]

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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Are you suffering from a lack of energy, unexplained chronic disease, cancer or autism? Why, and what can you do about it? Knowledge is power, so I am sharing this information with you to help you understand the latest medical breakthroughs on what is commonly known as mitochondrial dysfunction or disease. I also hope to […]

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marigolds on porch

Garden 2016 Finally Begins

No snow in the forecast…at least let’s hope not. My garden is officially underway for 2016. We grow a lot of our own vegetables and maybe we’ll even have some of our first fruit this year from our backyard orchard. Usually we get started planting on my birthday which is May 15th and the first […]

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Bavarian Inn shops

Come with Me to Frankenmuth

On the way home from Detroit we stopped in the quaint little town of Frankenmuth, Michigan. Founded by German settlers in the 1800’s it has become a great place to visit during the many festivals in Frankenmuth throughout the year. We got a chance to spend a little time walking down the main street and acting […]

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