vince the mad scientist

Staycation and a Still

This year for Father’s Day, I got my husband a still. What man wouldn’t want a still? So during his vacation last week we stayed home and enjoyed playing. Heck everyone from Chicago vacations here…why shouldn’t we? We didn’t have to pack.  And think of the gas we saved. Who says you have to go […]

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“Joy of the Mountain”, or oregano, is the quintessential herb for healthy living. Did you know that oregano is an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antioxidant, all in one? Who knew such a little plant could be so powerful? Farming According to the NY Times, a chicken farmer decided oregano was his method of farming on […]

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lemon balm

Lemon Balm

Need a stress buster? Try a cup of lemon balm and ginger tea to calm the jittery nerves, and ease the muscle tension that can lead to migraine headaches. Lemon balm is a great memory enhancer too. So next time you’re studying for a test, try a little lemon balm tea for a refreshing memory […]

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garden 2015

Carrots Love Tomatoes

We like to grow our food as organic as possible using natural methods of working with nature instead of against it. Companion planting is the best way to deter pests in your garden. It’s explained in the most read book in my library, “Carrots Love Tomatoes“.  You can learn a lot by studying what goes […]

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full moon

Planting by the Light of the Moon

Tonight is a full moon so I got into full swing planting my garden over the past two days. Why?  Because planting your garden according to the phases of the moon is not just an old wives’ tale, there is a lot more to it. Did you know that the best time to plant your […]

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marigolds on porch

Garden 2016 Finally Begins

No snow in the forecast…at least let’s hope not. My garden is officially underway for 2016. We grow a lot of our own vegetables and maybe we’ll even have some of our first fruit this year from our backyard orchard. Usually we get started planting on my birthday which is May 15th and the first […]

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Tarragon 675 px high

Grow Your Own

Learn to garden and grow your own. Even if you live in an apartment, you can grow your own food….think sprouts. Patios are a great place for potted planters full of nutrition for your table. If you’ve got even a small yard you’ve scored! Growing your own food is the most rebellious act you can […]

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