flax seeds

Flax Seeds?

My doctor called today to go over my recent blood test results and one of his “prescriptions” was to incorporate flax seeds in my diet.  Why flax seeds?  Most American diets are higher in Omega 6 than Omega 3 fats…me included. I thought I was eating healthy since I ditched the vegetable oils and forbid […]

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garden 2015

Carrots Love Tomatoes

We like to grow our food as organic as possible using natural methods of working with nature instead of against it. Companion planting is the best way to deter pests in your garden. It’s explained in the most read book in my library, “Carrots Love Tomatoes“.  You can learn a lot by studying what goes […]

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full moon

Planting by the Light of the Moon

Tonight is a full moon so I got into full swing planting my garden over the past two days. Why?  Because planting your garden according to the phases of the moon is not just an old wives’ tale, there is a lot more to it. Did you know that the best time to plant your […]

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marigolds on porch

Garden 2016 Finally Begins

No snow in the forecast…at least let’s hope not. My garden is officially underway for 2016. We grow a lot of our own vegetables and maybe we’ll even have some of our first fruit this year from our backyard orchard. Usually we get started planting on my birthday which is May 15th and the first […]

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Bavarian Inn shops

Come with Me to Frankenmuth

On the way home from Detroit we stopped in the quaint little town of Frankenmuth, Michigan. Founded by German settlers in the 1800’s it has become a great place to visit during the many festivals in Frankenmuth throughout the year. We got a chance to spend a little time walking down the main street and acting […]

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Wonder Bread girl

Wonder Bread Isn’t So Wonderful After All

Wonder Bread was all the rage in the 1950’s. It’s not so wonderful after all. The rise in sensitivities to wheat have risen to create a gluten free market for consumers who avoid wheat products.  Although wheat crops aren’t genetically modified, they are sprayed with RoundUp to dry or dessicate the crops a few days before […]

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Tarragon 675 px high

Grow Your Own

Learn to garden and grow your own. Even if you live in an apartment, you can grow your own food….think sprouts. Patios are a great place for potted planters full of nutrition for your table. If you’ve got even a small yard you’ve scored! Growing your own food is the most rebellious act you can […]

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BBQ Chicken Pizza from Daniel Plan Cookbook 675 px high

Don’t Eat Less, Eat Right

What you eat programs the way your body feels. Think about it….you are the master of your future. “Genes load the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger,” is the best way I’ve heard it expressed. People count calories when they should be counting the chemicals and learning about the nutritients in their food.  Most Americans […]

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