Don’t Eat Less, Eat Right

What you eat programs the way your body feels. Think about it….you are the master of your future. “Genes load the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger,” is the best way I’ve heard it expressed.

People count calories when they should be counting the chemicals and learning about the nutritients in their food.  Most Americans have lost sight of where their food comes from. Jamie Oliver went to a primary school and was shocked to discover none of the kids in the class could recognize fresh vegetables and fruit. Don’t believe me? Watch the video then….

It’s not just children who haven’t a clue.  Adults are confused about what’s considered healthy and what’s not. Not long ago we weren’t supposed to eat butter, or eggs…now we learn that both are good for you. What about the bad rap bread and pastas get over gluten? We’ve been told to eliminate fat in our diet, when just the opposite is true.  Good fats make you skinny. So how can a person learn what’s healthy and what’s not?

I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and how to get the vitamins or minerals I need by adding the right foods to my diet by researching. Someone who made this so much easier was Barbara Mendez. She is a registered pharmacist and a nutritionist and teaches everyone about food on her You Tube channel. She makes it easy to find the foods you need based on your needs.  Need to learn which foods will lower your blood pressure or cholesterol? I subscribe to her site and get email updates to keep me learning new things about my food all the time. Do you know about food and drug interactions and what to avoid?

Daniel Plan Cookbook

Now I needed some recipes that I could cook for my husband and I.  So when I learned about the Daniel Plan from my metabolic cardiologist, Dr. Joel Kahn, I was finding out more about the program and ordered the cookbook. It was through the Daniel Plan that I learned of Mark Hyman, MD and Daniel Amen, MD, two of the “Founding Doctors” of the Daniel Plan. I organized a group at a local church to study the Daniel Plan for six weeks. The program came with a teaching DVD, study guides and the book.  I read the book, The Daniel Plan, twice and love my copy of the Daniel Plan Cookbook so much it’s showing wear and tear more than 30+ year old cookbooks on my shelf.  All the recipes I’ve made for my family so far have been delicious and husband approved. I’ve featured the Chicken and BBQ pizza from the cookbook in the photo for my post.  It looks so good I’m going to make another one tonight. It’s so good….