My podcast episodes all in one place for you to access easily.

This is a directory of my podcast and the following are the various episodes of my podcast and a little blurb about each one. Click on the podcast title below and it will take you to the episode where you can listen and reference the show notes.

Episode 4 – Humble Pie with a Slice of Courage

Now that I was “fixed”, now what? Despite all the pain and struggles I faced to heal, I was a survivor. I took it all in and tried to always find the brighter side of things. It wasn’t easy, I was scared. But God is good because never will He leave me nor forsake me. […]

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Bust a Gut – Episode 3

Last time I shared with you my brokenness and my MTHFR diagnosis. Today I share more of the story, so glad you’re back. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your day. Get comfortable and let’s get started. My Story There’s more to my story about MTHFR. I had another run in with […]

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Brokenness – Episode 2

Thanks for joining me on my podcast, glad you’re back. Today’s podcast is difficult for me to share, it reveals my brokenness. In order to heal, I first had to learn where I was weak. I had to learn where to find my strength, and what to do about my weaknesses. Today I share some […]

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Attitude with Gratitude – Episode 1

Welcome to my new podcast! This is the first episode, so bear with me while I get all the kinks worked out. I’m so glad you’ve joined me. My Story Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries but your attitude and perspective can make all the difference. I share with you “my story” which includes […]

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