allergic reaction


Today if you ask anyone if they have an allergy, the answer will probably be yes. Others may refer to their discomfort as a “sensitivity”. We all have our threshold of tolerance to substances around us. But what, how and why does our food make us sick? I hope to share some insights on what […]

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Why B6 is Important

Especially if you don’t have enough, like I do. Most people don’t get enough of the right nutrition eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) and B6 is one of those very important and often overlooked vitamins. What happens when you don’t get enough? Well, that is what I set out to learn. Just over a […]

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Wonder Bread girl

Wonder Bread Isn’t So Wonderful After All

Wonder Bread was all the rage in the 1950’s. It’s not so wonderful after all. The rise in sensitivities to wheat have risen to create a gluten free market for consumers who avoid wheat products.  Although wheat crops aren’t genetically modified, they are sprayed with RoundUp to dry or dessicate the crops a few days before […]

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