Ben Lynch ND

Ben Lynch ND PhD

Dr. Ben Lynch is a naturopathic physician (ND), and he received his BS degree in Cell and Molecular biology from the University of Washington. He earned his ND from Bastyr University. He found his interest in and passion for discovering and identifying the root or cause of disease directed his study and work to feature on nutrigenomics and methylation dysfunction. Dr. Lynch continues to research, write, and on the subject of MTHFR and methylation defects. He educates other medical professionals on the clinical aspects of MTHFR, and you can contact him via his website.  Learn more about Dr. Lynch and his work at  Dr. Lynch is also the president and CEO of Seeking Health, a company focused on disease prevention and health promotion.

I am so grateful to Dr. Lynch for his intense focus and understanding of MTHFR. I learned so much from him that helped me tremendously to make a huge difference in my heatlh. I learned the difference between folate and folic acid and why I need to avoid it. I learned why I had a lifelong issue with a B6 deficiency. I understand why I feel better when I avoid foods and supplements with folic acid.  I’ve researched foods that are high in folate and B6 and supplement with a low dose of a methylated B complex recommended by my metabolic cardiologist. I’ve learned more about SAMe and GABA. Why glutithione is important and which foods contain it. I don’t understand it all but I learned enough to save my life.

I saw my labs after my heart attack of my homocysteine levels change dramatically after supplementing with a L-5-MTHFR version of a B complex vitamin after I heard of MTHFR from Dr. Lynch.  I was able to understand enough to suspect that high homocysteine levels would improve and help me to prevent another heart attack or stroke by lowering them.  A MTHFR test done by Cleveland Clinic confirmed I was homozygous for MTHFR 1298.  My homocysteine levels went from 19.3 to 8.8 in two weeks after supplementing with a L-5-MTHFR B complex. Six months later my lab results showed my homocysteine level went down to 6.76 (umol/L).

I went from planning my funeral to preparing myself for a future and looked forward to getting strong enough to start my cardio rehab. Instead of feeling like “life’s blood” was slowly draining from my body and it was preparing to shut down to feeling the “energy of life” coursing through my veins again.  I am convinced that knowing about MTHFR saved my life.  Thank you Dr. Ben Lynch and all the others that are treating and/or educating others about MTHFR.

Hear the latest podcast interview of Dr. Lynch I found fascinating, especially regarding the liver and gallbladder connection to everything. I’ve been wondering the connection too since 4 out of 5 of my family members (including me) have had our gallbladders removed. All of us were diagnosed with some fancy name for a sluge filled gallbladder.  None of us had gallstones but our bile was to thick to flow through the bile ducts and necessitated surgery.  I’m thinking there is a connection…somehow to MTHFR, heart disease and the malfunctioning liver. I’ve been doing research on which foods support the liver because I feel that the liver is to often ignored, especially with chronic disease and multiple prescriptions that accompany such a diagnosis.

Listen to the podcast (transcript also available on the website)

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