A Metabolic Approach to Heart Disease

I have heart disease, but thanks to my metabolic cardiologist, Joel Kahn, MD, I can add life to my years even if I don’t add years to my life. I would much rather have a good quality of life rather than a quantity of life, hooked up to machines. What do you think? Would you take supplements if they made you feel good or better?

Dr. Kahn teaches his patients that little things can make a difference. His suggestions don’t necessarily cost you money or require expensive equipment but rely on mindfulness approaches. Would you join a new group or hang out with old friends more often? Did you know that social interaction and a feeling of belonging to a group provides a better quality of life for anyone, heart patient or not. Everyone gives off energy that can be felt by others within 5 feet. I read somewhere that your heartbeat can synchronize with your pet’s. Have you ever noticed how some people seem to give off negative energy and others make you feel more energized?  I’ve noticed this for years but just recently decided it is better for my health to hang around with people that are on the same wavelength I’m on.

Lifestyle changes aren’t easy, but you CAN make a difference. It’s not all in your genes.You are what you eat. If you eat crap, you’ll feel like crap. So why eat that stuff? Learn how you can change your diet and lifestyle. You may have bad genetics, but you CAN do something about it (your genetics) by learning how to support your body on a path to health instead of disease.

My metabolic cardiologist, Joel Kahn, MD, provides great information on how you can support your heart using a metabolic approach. It may make a huge difference in your quality of life too.


Watch for Joel Kahn, MD, and “The Whole Heart Solution” coming to the Detroit viewing area September 8, 2016 at 8:00 PM. Nationally it will air on PBS stations later this year. Here is an interview with Dr. Kahn about the upcoming show, outside the GreenSpace Café in Ferndale, Michigan owned and operated by the Kahn family. He not only talks the talk, but walks the walk by serving clean and healthy food at his artisanal plant-based restaurant and craft cocktail bar and café.

Stay tuned for updates for the show or check your local PBS listings.