Birth Defect

pyloric stenosis imagePyloris Stenosis

I was born with a genetic condition known as pyloric stenosis and nearly died from it.  I became ill when I was less than 2 weeks old and I wasn’t diagnosed and operated on until I was 2 months old.  I nearly starved to death because the pyloric sphincter muscle (below the stomach) wouldn’t let the milk go down into the intestines.  Instead I suffered with projectile vomiting after the milk had soured in my stomach.

My daughter also had pyloric stenosis and had surgery within days of becoming ill. The doctors in Georgia had told my parents that only “first born males get pyloric stenosis” and they sent me home to die.  Two months later my parents took me to my uncle’s funeral home, in North Carolina, to prepare for my funeral.  He said, “she looks worse than the dead babies I work on.” He sent us immediately over to a pediatrician that he knew and respected.  The nurse recognized the olive shaped muscle spasm rolling across my belly when she took off my diaper.  My surgery was on Friday, the 13th.  My GI tract never developed in those critical first few weeks and months of life.

pyloric stenosis showing midlineMTHFR Too?

I also got a bad gene from both of my parents for a genetic abnormality known as MTHFR. It’s also interesting to note, MTHFR patients often have what is known as mid-line birth defects. Which is a point that one of my doctors brought up when I requested to be tested for MTHFR. He told me I didn’t have MTHFR because I didn’t have a mid-line birth defect….oh no?? Pyloric stenosis lines right up with the spinal column and is about as mid-line as it gets.

Gut Happiness = Health

I think this dysbiosis of the gastrointestinal tract is the basis of most diseases, an imbalanced gut. Gut bacteria, the microbiome, is finally being studied and recognized as an important aspect of our immune system.  Without a properly balanced intestinal flora your body is susceptible to disease.

I believe that one of the biggest contributors to our health crisis in the US is the agricultural system that promotes GMO crops.  Did you know that GMOs are sprayed with RoundUp? and that RoundUp’s key ingredient is glyphosate.  Did you know that glyphosate is registered with the US Patent office as an “antimicrobial” (antibiotic) and it’s killing the good bacteria in our microbiome (the gut)? Our food system is badly broken folks.


I’ve learned about probiotics and have even been making some in the kitchen.  I met with a nutritionist the other day.  I said, “you’ve heard of the saying ‘if mama ain’t happy, noboby’s happy’? Well if my gut’s not happy…my body’s not happy.”

Here’s to Health and Happiness!

This is just the beginning of my story….it is painful to tell, but important to share. I hope that somehow it helps other people to be the BEST that they can be to live and thrive.  Please check out my other pages about heart health, MTHFR, and recovery, to learn more about recovering from a catastrophic illness or chronic illness.  The doctors weren’t sure I would make it, but I knew that if I could do my research….I was going to do everything I could to survive.  I had to figure out the puzzle and share my story…that is the true purpose of my life.  Now I’m working on getting younger and thriving and I’ll tell you how you can do that too.