Why is our world so toxic? Why are companies poisoning our life to this degree? Our food…it’s killing us. Detoxing from the load of chemicals that we encounter in the environment is necessary in order to stay healthy. Our bodies cannot operate efficiently under a heavy load of toxins and heavy metals.


carcinogen warning labelGenetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are killing us. Just today on my news radar are two headlines that should make us question what is happening to our food and to our families. California judge rules that Roundup labels should provide a warning that the product is carcinogenic. Now I see that there are new scientific studies uncovering the risks associated with GMOs, specifically liver disease.

Latest Health Threat

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, diabetes, and autism are becoming more and more prevalent and the science is beginning to show the link between chronic disease and the chemicals we are exposed to. Just yesterday I ran across another indication when I read Studies Link Carbamate Insecticides to Diabetes and Other Metabolic Disorders.

The Pesticide-Induced Diseases Database, launched by Beyond Pesticides, facilitates access to epidemiologic and laboratory studies based on real world exposure scenarios that link public health effects to pesticides. The scientific literature documents elevated rates of chronic diseases among people exposed to pesticides, with increasing numbers of studies associated with both specific illnesses and a range of illnesses. With some of these diseases at very high and, perhaps, epidemic proportions, there is an urgent need for public policy at all levels –local, state, and national—to end dependency on toxic pesticides, replacing them with carefully defined green strategies.

The current database, which contains hundreds of studies, itself is preliminary and will be added to over the coming months. We urge readers to send studies to that you think should be added to the database.

EPA’s risk assessment fails to look at chemical mixtures, synergistic effects, certain health endpoints (such as endocrine disruption), disproportionate effects to vulnerable population groups, and regular noncompliance with product label directions. These deficiencies contribute to its severe limitations in defining real world poisoning, as captured by epidemiologic studies in the database.

Foods to Detox and Support Your Liver

Tips to Help You Detox

Infrared sauna at the local spa was my present for Christmas, actually a pass for 10 visits. The infrared sauna was recommended by my metabolic cardiologist and is standard treatment for heart patients in Japan. Japanese doctors understand how important detoxing is for heart patients and the other benefit of the infrared sauna, improving the heart rate variability.

I’ve also incorporated foods in my diet that support detoxing my liver. We enjoyed artichokes for the first time in a long time. I chopped off the top third of the leaves, trim the stem and made them in my Instant Pot in just 11 minutes on the steam function. I did a quick release to stop the cooking process. Served with melted butter…yum! I noticed the cleansing effect it had on me the next day.

shrimp cervicheLast night we enjoyed Shrimp Cerviche (with avocado) as an appetizer and Leek Soup, Scarborough Fair-style, (a chicken broth and leek soup). I made some deviled eggs and included a half as a side dish. The desert was 2 lemon cookies, made with the lemon zest from the peels of the lemons used in the shrimp cerviche.

The shrimp cerviche included cilantro, a great detoxing herb; the soup featured thyme and rosemary; the deviled eggs included turmeric, black pepper, dill and a sprinkle of Hungarian paprika on top.

Herbs are a great way to add flavor, decrease the need for salt and some are awesome at detoxing. The main two herbs that help to detox are cilantro and also parsley.

All of the dishes in our meal were from the SCD Diet cookbook, Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet by Raman Prasad. I’ve included a link to the book on Amazon that is set up to donate to GMO Free USA, via the Amazon Smile program.

SCD Diet (Elimination Diet) – Healing Digestive Issues

Today was very newsworthy, I also discovered this coverage on the SCD diet in the news. This young girl nearly died from Crohn’s Disease but was healed with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). I posted the video on Facebook to help educate others. The SCD diet has helped many recover from IBD/IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis and other chronic digestive disorders.

This same diet, the SCD diet, was implemented and used in what is now referred to as the GAPS diet. The Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) diet has been used to help GI issues in patients with autism. The GAPS website includes some tips on detoxing for your reference I’ve included a link.

MTHFR – Folic Acid is Poison

I’ve been working at detoxing my body from the burden of chemicals that nearly killed me. A person’s body can only take so much before the organs start shutting down. Due to my MTHFR status, homozygous for 1298, I am like a canary in the coal mine. I like 98% of the autistic patients tested have a mutated gene from our parents that affects our neurons and neurotransmitters. The addition of folic acid in many of the processed foods further botches up our detoxing abilities in our bodies. We need folate for proper methylation and not folic acid. Adding folic acid in our food and dousing us with chemicals that have not been properly tested for safety, is like tying our hands behind our back and sucker punching us while the medical establishment turns the other way. Why? Because the profits in making us chronic ill are to good to pass up. This cartel of “Big Ag” and “Big Pharma” should be broken up and be made to “pay the piper”.

President Trump Are You Listening?

Personally I am glad to see President Trump take the steps he has taken in the first week of his administration. He is getting down to the business of making our country a better place to raise our children, the future of America. It’s about time the leaders of our country have our best interests in mind and not those of big business. Let’s all give him a chance to make changes towards “Making America Great Again”, starting with our health, especially our children’s health.