EZ Water at the Spa

Today was a good day to spend a couple of hours at the spa. My integrative cardiologist suggested infrared saunas for my heart condition. I understand it is standard therapy for heart patients in Japan. So today I worked up a sweat that even my heart could handle, so I know yours can too.

The sauna is also a great way to detox my body and work on conquering the Candida overgrowth I’ve been plagued with.  I think the sauna is an integral part of a several pronged approach to cleansing the body from the fungus known as Candida albicans. I thought I’d share this article with you, How Infrared Saunas Kill Cancer, Parasites, Yeast And Chronic Infection for more information.

The infrared sauna helps the heart rate variability according to my cardiologist. The heart becomes stronger and able to adapt better to stresses put on it when blood pressure rises and falls. But this is just the beginning…there’s more, much more to learn about some fascinating new science and how it pertains to the heart. Keep reading…

EZ Water

But there’s more…it’s about the EZ (Exclusion Zone) water. I learned about it awhile back and I finally had to write about it. We first became intrigued by this EZ water after we purchased our steam distillation system for our drinking water. My body needed to heal itself and it couldn’t get on with business if I had to work harder to deal with hard water deposits. Our well water is heavy with calcium. I can’t tell you how many coffee pots and irons we’ve been through, even faucet fixtures…so why would I want to do that to my body? The calcium in our water wasn’t the calcium my body needed, it was waste.

I drink a lot of water. It keeps my digestive tract happier. Did you know? Water Supports Health in Ways You May Never Have Suspected an article from Dr. Mercola’s website that surfaced on my Facebook page today. I had heard all of these individuals in separate interviews, but never all together as they were in this article. It’s fascinating and new science…well, it’s new to me.

Story at-a-glance

  • Your cells and extracellular tissues are filled with H3O2 — negatively charged, structured “EZ” water, which acts as a battery, storing and releasing energy. Sunlight increases EZ water, as does full spectrum infrared saunas and grounding
  • EZ water drives your cellular machinery by inducing a charge separation, shuttling positive protons into the cell for organelles that need positive charges, while the negatively charged electrons remain in the water surrounding the cell, where it helps synthesize sulfate
  • Near-infrared rays in sunlight penetrate your skin and structure the water in your cells. In this way, sun exposure plays an important role in your body’s energy production, and has a positive effect on blood flow and cardiovascular health

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ice energy steam distilled waterCheck out these EZ ice cubes. This is what happens when you steam distill our water and then freeze it. The water is literally jumping out of the tray and freezing in mid air…crazy, huh? Not really. It’s fascinating science.

Dr. Pollack talked about it in an interview with Dr. Mercola. I sent him this picture of my ice cubes and he answered me back. I was infatuated with the mere idea of this EZ energy. But when I heard Dr. Cowan talk about EZ water and the heart…well I was just really excited. This excerpt from Dr. Mercola’s article referenced above was just to exciting not to share.

“As noted by Dr. Thomas Cowan, a family physician, founding member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and author of “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart,” this is actually how blood is “pumped” through your veins and arteries.”

Listen to this interview of Dr. Thomas Cowan explaining it to Dr. Mercola in this fascinating interview.

You see, Cowan’s work was helped by Pollack’s work on the Fourth Phase of Water.

Don’t forget to drink your water and check out this article about Water Supports Health in Ways You May Never Have Suspected. You’ll be glad you did. Now drink up!