Healthy Living

True wellness is when your body, mind and spirit are all healthy and balanced. Yes, you ARE what you eat, so skip the chips and do some simple stretches instead.  Whether you just walk around your block or you do marathons, exercise is for everyone, no excuses. Get off the couch! Get up and get going…don’t just sit there.

Your body is able to heal itself if given the proper tools and time. Your good health is a physical, mental and spiritual balance. It is important when healing from a chronic illness, like I did, after breast cancer or a heart attack that you consider the elements of these three pillars of health.

Haven’t you heard that “laughter is the best medicine”? It is so true. Your mental outlook is very important after a life threatening event. Positive thoughts provide positive energy within your nervous system that alters your body chemistry and creates an environment that is  biochemically different inside of your body. Your pathology can be changed by what you think.

The “come to judgment day” that a person experiences during or after a life threatening illness really, really makes you think. There is a lot of soul searching going on and spiritually you need to find your footing and be one with your soul. If you hadn’t made a “bucket list” you start thinking about it. The awareness of your mortality is sobering.  Survivors typically are filled with immense gratitude and cherish every moment.  Whimsy and serendipity have a whole new place in your life….at least they did for me. I didn’t take myself so seriously and looked for rainbows instead of rain.

exercise cropped 400Now the first topic we’ll cover is food.  How has it evolved and how a little change in history impacts our health.  I’ll share with you how exercise actually increases your energy…not deplete your energy.  Your outlook on life’s events impacts your pathology, so learn some techniques to think yourself to health and have a clearer mental focus for everything else. Creating greater joy in your life keeps you younger and feeling more alive. Joy comes when you are at peace in your soul.