Mental Focus

optimism turtle flyingThe balance of health includes that of mental clarity or focus and a positive perspective. Wherever there is life, there is hope. The more disease, the greater impact the mind can play in the healing. The body’s innate sense of righting itself amongst the storm of discourse and disease is only possible through the balance of mind, body and soul. Your mind and body must connect, must communicate and must focus on healing.

The emphasis must rest on the positive outcome, the healing and not the disease. Your mind must be free from pity, self-doubt and the perilous thoughts that can hamper the path to purity, to health. It is important to set a goal of being free of illness and at ease…not in the state of dis-ease.  When you’re laying flat on your back….you can pretend you’re flying.  I love this cartoon…it pretty much sums it up.  That’s what I did after my heart event, when my body didn’t have the energy to move. I kept my mind focused on healing. First I healed my mind, then I started healing my body.

After a castrophic illness or diagnosis crashes into your world, it is human nature to feel fear, frustration, doubt and sadness. This is perfectly normal and is only a phase that is only temporary. You can’t afford to stay there. This state of mind will not benefit you, nor anyone else close to you.  It takes a lot of strength to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and take the next step forward…but you must.

Positive Thoughts Translate Into Healing Thoughts

A positive attitude in the wake of all that is going on, is extremely important to keep one foot going in front of the other. I know when I was struggling with breast cancer and immediately following my heart event, my body was weak, so I resolved that my spirit must remain strong. It was at these times that my faith was the strongest it has ever been. I put my future into the hands of my creator, and let it go and let God take care of the burdens. I focused on prayer, I focused on healing, I focused on love. I knew the time I had was now and I was going to cherish each moment and be grateful for it.

calm boat imageI look back to when I was a teenager and struggling through my parent’s divorce and my mother’s chronic state of depression, I learned to meditate. I focused on a place, a pleasant memory that included all of my senses….touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight…that took me back to a place of calm. I was in cabin of our boat, in the bow, laying in the bed, along with my siblings. The gentle rocking of the boat by the tides, swaying me to sleep, as I closed my eyes and listened to the lap of the waves against the hull of the boat. The moist, salt air permeated my nostrils as I breathed, my chest rising and falling slow and steady. I felt the warmth of my little sister cuddled close to me as we slept in peace.

I still go back to this memory when I practice meditation in the moment. But since 2014, I’ve adopted a different style of meditation and I’ve encompassed yoga into my life as well. Both of these disciplines have helped me to heal after my sudden cardiac arrest. Both of these were suggested by my metabolic cardiologist, Dr. Joel Kahn. My local cardiologist had counseled me to do things to keep my heart calm and quiet and allow it to heal. When Dr. Kahn suggested a meditation by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey, free and online….I thought why not?  I’m so glad I did, it has helped me focus and heal.


Yoga was another stretch…pardon the pun…for me, but it has given me not only better flexibility, but also a better mental focus on breathing. Did you know that you can slow your heart rate with your breathing? Remember the boat? I now can close my eyes, focus on the boat and take a deep cleansing breath, in and out, and reduce my heart rate immediately. This is very helpful in a world that doesn’t really harbor fluffy little kittens and unicorn rainbows…right?

Laughter IS the Best Medicine

Once last thing I must include….is the power of laughter. It truly is the best medicine. I made a habit of watching a comedy tv show and an occasional movie that just made me laugh….real deep belly laughs.  It increases your joy, lowers your blood pressure and eliminates the stress…even if only for a little while.

If you think positive thoughts, can laugh at yourself once in awhile and you know how to enjoy the beauty of the moment, you are on your way to healing.