In Awe and Wonder

The beautiful colors of fall surround me now and the serenity of nature beckons me northward today, in search of the awe and wonder only a natural miracle can inspire. One of the seven wonders of the world, Sleeping Bear Dunes, lies in the distance.

neighborhood-shot-of-sleeping-bear-fall-2016Life is full of amazingly beautiful sceneries, beautiful moments and beautiful people, but you have to slow down to see them. Everyone one of us….even I, are guilty of hurrying through this thing called life. Whenever I ask someone how they are doing, they always reply “so busy”. Why? What does it mean? You don’t have time to stop and see the miracles that are in each and every day.

For 10 years I have driven by these spots, admiring them at 55 mph and never slowing down to stop and take it all in. I decided that it was time to take in the moments that I have been given. The breath of life, the beauty of this world around me. I’m so glad I did. See what I would have missed?

crystal-lake-from-hill-in-neighborhood-fall-2016The view of Crystal Lake is stunning from every direction I view it, but yesterday’s view on top of this hill simply took my breath away. I wasn’t the only one enjoying the magnificent view. I was joined by 5 car loads of people that were all family gathering on this hilltop to record a moment in time for their annual Christmas card. What a lovely idea and what a beautiful picture that is going to be.

This is the view looking westward over Crystal Lake but the east side is beautiful in it’s own rite. Last fall I ventured into Crystalia and captured the beauty in another blog post, Crystal Lake at Crystalia, on my other website,

I am grateful to have the opportunity to see the beauty that surrounds me. It is with awe and amazement that I see the beauty in nature during the fall season. How could we think there is no God, when He surrounds us with His glory? Rest in Him and He will give you peace.