Let’s Get Cooking

Finally my Instant Pot arrived! Federal Express didn’t hold it hostage after all. Even a natural disaster like snow in Michigan and the holidays couldn’t keep me from my new Instant Pot. I’m finally able to use this modern convenience that everyone else has been enjoying. But before I get started I went through some preliminary steps to become familiar with digital pressure cooker.

Believe it or not, I read the Instant Pot Manual and became familiar with the various parts. While I was waiting, not so patiently for my IP to arrive, I found these other videos on How to Use your new Instant Pot. I washed the inner pot, the seal and the rack before starting with the infamous water test.

Water Test

 My New Diet – Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Protein, certain fruits and vegetables and good fats are the basis of the SCD diet. No grains or sugar are allowed and definitely no processed foods. Protein with every meal and even for snacks is encouraged. I don’t typically eat breakfast but protein in the morning is important for me, so change is in the air.

I decided to try some boiled eggs yesterday on the stove top. They were good but so fresh from our chickens and some from my neighbor that I lost most of the egg white with peeling the shell. I’m curious to know if the Instant Pot hard boiled egg will come out “perfect”. I’m going to try doing the 7-7-7 version (see video) for my first try cooking them in the Instant Pot.

Hard Boiled Eggs in the Instant Pot

Results would have been perfect if I hadn’t mistaken the pop up thing-a-ma-gig setting. I did the 7 minutes cooking perfect. Then I set my timer for 7 minutes after the IP beep that it was done cooking. The timer was to let me know to release that thing-a-ma-gig….I got that okay. Then I was supposed to wait until the thingy dropped. It had, but I was thinking I should wait until it popped up.  Confusion on my part.  If I had taken them out at the right time and put them in the ice water for the 7 minutes the outer edges of my yolks wouldn’t have had that greenish gray hue (the eggs cooked to long). I think they turned out so much better than my stove top version. I’d have to say the IP wins on the egg challenge.

My New Cookbook

ip-cookbookThere are some baby back ribs in the refrigerator just waiting to be cooked in my new Instant Pot (IP). The recipe in my new cookbook, The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook, for Baby Back Ribs, on page 118, looks delicious. The Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Sauce (page 145) can be adapted just a little to work for my new SCD diet. I’ll substitute honey for the brown sugar and molasses.

I’m definitely “hankering” for some ribs….as we say in the south, but on second thought maybe I’ll do the BBQ sauce from the cookbook on another day. I have some sauce made locally that I’d like to try. I’m trying to use the condiments I already have in the cupboard and once they are gone, start making mine from scratch. I know where I can find the recipe for making BBQ sauce in the IP.

I haven’t had a desire to name my new friend anything other than IP. Of course if I talk with my computer friends, IP has a whole new meaning….oh well, maybe they’ll wake up and smell the ribs….