I had a hunch I was a MTHFR mutant. My initial visit to Dr. Kahn confirmed my suspicions. After my examination he ordered lab tests done at Cleveland Clinic. The labs confirmed it.  I am homozygous MTHFR A1298C.  I got a defective copy of a gene from my mother and one from my father too for MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) Both of them gave me an mutated version of A1298C.

MTHFR chart

There is a C677T version of MTHFR and a A1298C version.  Both are devastating to survival and effect the ability to detox from environmental toxins.

Remember my carpet?  Did you know that carpet is full of toxic chemicals?   I couldn’t detox all the chemicals that were airborne when my carpet in my entire house was riped out.  My body wasn’t able to complete the methylation process, which is crucial for detoxing all the chemicals we encounter every day and is a key function for survival in the human body.  You can learn more about MTHFR on and the MTHFR Support Group page. I see the government has finally published a website page just a few days ago on MTHFR which you can find here.

I learned that folic acid is toxic to my body. I learned that it became mandatory in the USA in 1993 that it be added in all bread, cereals and pastas made in the USA to replace the folate taken out of the flour when it is ground. The milling process removes the wheat bran and the wheat germ from the flour because the bran and germ go rancid if not refrigerated. Translate that into “shorter shelf life” on the grocery store shelf. However, birth defects that were attributed to a lack of folate (B9) in the American diet, the government made it mandatory that it be added to the products, but a synthetic version (folic acid) was substituted for the natural (folate).


The MTHFR mutation, which affects approximately 40% or more of the population, does not convert the synthetic folic acid into folate. Hence your body cannot use the vitamin (B9) it so desperately needs, nor can it produce other B vitamins, necessary for life. The folic acid builds up in the bloodstream, unable to complete the methylation cycle which is vital for detoxification.  The folic acid gets in the way of the good folate that your body needs. Ultimately your body fills with toxins stored in your fat cells until the of homocysteine levels in the blood rise and are an indicator for a future heart attack or stroke.

Since I have MTHFR, I take a methylated version of a B complex vitamin AND avoid foods, drinks or supplements with folic acid added. It is listed as an ingredient and/or shown on the nutritional guidelines list on the package.  I look for pastas imported from Italy but also check the ingredients to be absolutely sure it does not contain folic acid.

The difference between folic acid and folate explained by Dr. Ben Lynch.

I have a problem, but thanks to Dr. Lynch and Dr. Kahn, I’ve found a solution. The solution is avoiding foods and supplements that contain folic acid and eating a diet high in folate. I take a special methylated version of a B complex vitamin (L-5-MTHF) that is a form my body can use.  I buy my vitamins online from reputable sources after careful research and/or a trusted doctor recommendation.

I grind my own flour from organic wheat berries in my grain mill and bake my own bread. I’ll share more information and recipes on my website. I also buy sprouted whole grain bread, usually Ezekiel bread that contains the WHOLE grain (the wheat germ and wheat bran) therefore they do not need to add folic acid since it naturally contains folate. You’ll find it in the freezer section of the store to preserve freshness and prevent spoilage.

Are Sprouted Grains Really Healthy? – Dr. Josh Axe explains

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