roadsign of questionsAfter my son’s suicide I was dealing with shock. After my breast cancer I was dealing with surviving. I wanted to thrive but my body wasn’t cooperating. I knew there was a link to our food, our environment and what had happened with my son and with me. The connection was an irritable bowel and GI issues.   Why were we so dibillitated from eating?  What had been done to our food?  The why is something pervasive after surviving a suicide…but the why that tugged at me was about understanding. It wasn’t the emotional why that drove me, it was the intellectual, “connect the dots”, that prompted me to search for answers. I owed that to myself and my health and I was driven by love.  The love of my son. As a mother, I couldn’t sit by when I knew deep down there was a scientific answer, one that is shrouded in mystery and denial. The truth must come out.

I used all my experiences and studies, both in computer science and in natural sciences to unravel the mystery. My work in the pathology and microbiology departments of the University of Nebraska Medical Center as an educational coordinator helped me understand the complex medical studies I read. I started “Googling” the two ingredients that I knew had affected me and it took me down a rabbit hole I would have never imagined.

I learned about GMOs. What I learned disturbed me, and it should disturb anyone. Our food was being manipulated. I got involved…locally, state wide and on a national level.  I volunteered a lot and also worked for a non-profit organization to help educate the public about GMOs. I was the educational consultant for the organization and communicated with people all over the globe about GMOs. Knowledge is empowerment.  We aren’t victims if we don’t allow ourselves to be.  We CAN make a difference, by working together, we CAN change the world. Did you hear the news? General Mills is finally going to label all of their products that contain GMOs to comply with the state law in Vermont that will take effect this summer (2016). So you see….we did it!

Eventually I was forced to take time off due to my heart attack in December 2014.  During my recuperation I started reading and researching more, thanks to the education I received from Joel Kahn, MD, my metabolic cardiologist. My blood tests revealed I had inherited MTHFR, from both my mother and my father. Learning this, sparked me to delve deeper so I could understand.  I wanted the knowledge so I could be the best that I could be. My education on health has prompted me to share this information with others, so you can be the healthiest, happiest and most productive person YOU can be. So let’s get started with Healthy Living.