New Year, New Me…

Want to adventure into recreating yourself this New Year? Join me on a epicurean delight that is healing not only to the body, but the mind and soul as well. I am on a quest to heal my body and my heart by healing my digestive tract first. Metabolic dysfunction is the root of all chronic disease and it all starts in the gut.

Digestion is the key to getting the proper nutrition and optimizing your health, so a healing protocol is on order for me. This diet was developed by Dr. Sidney Haas initially in 1924.  Later his son, Dr. Merritt Haas, joined his father  in the early 1950’s and further developed the diet known to treat celiac disease. They developed the low carb diet, once known as the “banana diet” to help patients with malabsorption issues and gut motility problems. The diet is backed by 124 years of research and testing. The very problems that patients with gastrointestinal issues like celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, Crohn’s Disease, autism and associated digestive issues and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) suffer with can be cured with this diet. In order to heal the “leaky gut” the patient must adhere to a strict diet that stands the conventional Standard American Diet of processed foods on it’s ear. While on the diet your meals consist of whole foods, mainly plant based but includes proteins, healthy fats and simple sugar and/or carbohydrates that the weakened digestive tract can assimilate and digest. This diet is now known as the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and was expanded upon by Elaine Gottschall, B.A., her book, Breaking The Vicious Cycle and is the basis of the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet. To learn more visit the website, Breaking the Vicious Cycle.

The choice of foods on the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) at first seems daunting, but with my innate curious mind I was off to make it work. I wanted to figure out a way to make this diet as simple as possible and make it doable for anyone, even me. I joined a Facebook group, Instant Pot Community, and then another….well you know. It’s like falling down a rabbit hole. If I were in Wonderland, my rabbit hole would have included an “Instant Pot” and a teapot.

Image result for alice in wonderland teapot

The first mention of this device intrigued me and sparked my interest. Then I wasn’t convinced it wasn’t just another “reinvention” of cooking and the latest fad and/or kitchen appliance. I’ve got a cabinet full of the latest gadgets. The more I researched the more I realized this might be just the ticket for my new diet, which I like to think of as a “culinary adventure”…it sounds more exciting and more palatable. Yes, the pun was intended.

What IS an Instant Pot?


I live with congestive heart failure since my sudden cardiac arrest I struggle to handle heavy pots. I want to eat healthy meals and I like the idea of “batch cooking” and preparing “Make Ahead Freezer Meals” without the mushy taste of crockpot-it-is. In doing my research for the “Instant Pot” I discovered the website “Once a Month Meals“. Just what I was looking for to minimize the prep work and clean up. I don’t like doing a lot of dishes.


The idea of a stainless steel pot that is dishwasher safe seemed logical and appealed to me. I also liked the idea of cooking faster using a pressure cooker, but didn’t like using the traditional aluminum clad pressure cookers sitting in my cabinets. I will keep the older aluminum ones for canning and preserving (since the Instant Pot is not approved for canning and preserving), but I won’t use the aluminum ones for cooking.

The ability to travel and adhere to a special diet is daunting if not impossible. My husband is looking forward to retiring starting with the first day of the New Year. We want to travel and visit family members and see places we haven’t been. When I learned that Instant Pot is great for travelers on a special diet, after I read How to Use the Instant Pot in a Hotel Room, and I was hooked.

Other Considerations

Does pressure cooking alter the nutritional content of my organic veggies and grass fed meats? Nutrition is a key component of healing a “leaky gut” and other gastrointestinal disorders.

Will the Instant Pot work for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and will I find the recipes to help someone like me make something that tastes incredible? Enough to make a waning appetite sit up and take notice? Will I be intimidated by all the settings and feel like a cooking challenged person or will it make me more confident chef? I discovered the recipe section on Woodhaven Place and wanted to bookmark the recipes for someone trying to heal their digestive issues. I will be happy if I can make eating a pleasure again. I will be joining a whole new generation of IP cooks that received their new model of the Instant Pot or a digital pressure cooker for the holidays. You can imagine my excitement to find a Facebook group, InstaPot Recipes for SCD – Specific Carbohydrate Diet !


instant-potOf course I purchased the 6 qt. 7-in-1 model of the Instant Pot and I also purchased some additional extras that would give me the resources I would need to cook and batch cook the meals I wanted:

  1. Extra seal
  2. Freezable containers (8) that fit the 6 quart IP
  3. Steamer basket/rack (fits the 6 qt IP)
  4. Tempered glass lid for 6 qt. IP
  5. The Instant Pot® Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Easy Recipes for Fast & Healthy Meals
  6. Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet: The Grain-Free, Lactose-Free, Sugar-Free Solution to IBD, Celiac Disease, Autism, Cystic Fibrosis, and Other Health Conditions (Healthy Living Cookbooks)


The passing of Carrie Fisher (60 years old) after suffering a heart attack during a flight on December 23, 2016, and only days after George Michael died of heart failure (age 53).  I am saddened to learn Carrie’s mom, Debbie Reynolds has also passed away. I know how terrible it is for a mother to lose her child. May their deaths speak volumes and act as a wake up call for people to be concerned about heart disease.

Heart disease is the #1 killer in America. My dad died at 81 when his heart walls “gave out” while waiting on yet another stent and my brother died at the age of 52, in his sleep. Death ruled as a heart condition. I don’t know about you, but although I want to die peacefully in my sleep, I’m not going to rush things. I want to wake up and smell the roses…BEFORE it’s to late.

I believe, that for me, this diet is the start of a whole new way of eating and healing my body, starting with my leaky gut. By default this diet gives your digestive system, and your body, an opportunity to detox and reboot itself. Dr. Mark Hyman reminds us there are 7 Reasons You Need to Detox.

Want a whole new you, this new year? If You Can Do This You Can Trade in Your Body for a New Model. In 7 years your entire body is made new again, but your mindset must be ready for this “new you”. So I’m working on a whole new lifestyle, not a diet, after all I’m working on a better version of me. I’m going to give it my all because 2017 is going to be the best year I’ve ever had. How about you?


P.S. In case you find yourself in Wonderland, don’t get mad, just watch the Help Videos on Instant Pot’s website, or review 10 Common Mistakes You Can Avoid as a New Instant Pot User. If you are new to Instant Pot and you can’t understand the answer on the Facebook page because of all the abbreviations check Instant Pot Terminology to decipher the message.