My podcast episodes all in one place for you to access easily.

PLEASE NOTE: I cancelled my podcast subscription so the audio is no longer available. I had to many medical bills to take care of and had to cut back, so the podcast notes are available now but not the audio.

This is a directory of my podcast and the following are the various episodes of my podcast and a little blurb about each one. Click on the podcast title below and it will take you to the episode where you can listen and reference the show notes.

My First Brush with Death – Episode 7

My story really starts in the beginning, way before I was born, but that’s a later topic. I’ll start with the usual, my entrance to this world. I was born with a genetic condition known as pyloric stenosis and nearly died from it. I became ill when I was less than 2 weeks old and […]

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Who Asked Me? – Episode 6

After my sudden cardiac arrest, I spent six days in the hospital, had all kinds of tests and sent home with a handful of prescription drugs. I wasn’t in very good shape, to say the least….but I was alive. I had hope. Once I returned home my husband insisted that I not refer to “my” […]

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Episode 5 – The Day My Heart Stopped

Ever wonder what it felt like to have a heart attack? I’ve had a lot of people ask me what my symptoms were. I actually had what is known as “sudden cardiac arrest” and not a heart attack. An SCA, as it’s called, is when the heart stops due an electrical malfunction. A heart attack […]

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Episode 4 – Humble Pie with a Slice of Courage

Now that I was “fixed”, now what? Despite all the pain and struggles I faced to heal, I was a survivor. I took it all in and tried to always find the brighter side of things. It wasn’t easy, I was scared. But God is good because never will He leave me nor forsake me. […]

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Bust a Gut – Episode 3

Last time I shared with you my brokenness and my MTHFR diagnosis. Today I share more of the story, so glad you’re back. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your day. Get comfortable and let’s get started. My Story There’s more to my story about MTHFR. I had another run in with […]

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Brokenness – Episode 2

Thanks for joining me on my podcast, glad you’re back. Today’s podcast is difficult for me to share, it reveals my brokenness. In order to heal, I first had to learn where I was weak. I had to learn where to find my strength, and what to do about my weaknesses. Today I share some […]

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Attitude with Gratitude – Episode 1

Welcome to my new podcast! This is the first episode, so bear with me while I get all the kinks worked out. I’m so glad you’ve joined me. My Story Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries but your attitude and perspective can make all the difference. I share with you “my story” which includes […]

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