I will share what worked for me as I recovered from my son’s suicide, my breast cancer and later my sudden cardiac arrest when my heart stopped beating. It’s a long road to recovery, but you can do it!  There are tools, suggestions and resources that I plan on sharing with you to help you as you, or a loved one recover, from a devastating illness.

Everyone is different, and what worked for me might not work for you.  Listen to your body to determine what is best for you. Your body can heal itself, but there is more to it than popping a pill, going for a jog or eating all your fruits and veggies.  True healing involves so much more, like perspective, involvement in community as well as loving yourself for who and what you are. Letting yourself laugh, be creative, allow your life to be full of joy and whimsy. These are all parts of the puzzle I’ve learned to call healing. Loving ourselves in spite of ourselves is the first step to a full recovery.

The Shocking Truth About Your Health

Lissa Rankin, MD a licensed OB/GYN summed it up quite nicely in her Ted Talk, The Shocking Truth About Your Health, as she too discovered the secrets to healing.



Disclaimer: The information provided on this page, and on this website, are my experiences and are not intended as medical advice. Please note that I followed my doctor’s orders as I completed the traditional therapies that were prescribed. If you have an illness or medical condition, please consult your medical professional for specific advice and treatment regarding your medical condition.