What are you grateful for, this Thanksgiving, in the year 2016?

On a personal level, I am grateful for life and pray for peace to heal our land. This year, 2016, America finds itself shattered more than any recent time in history. Even now, a couple of weeks post election, there are people who aren’t happy with the results and refuse to come together as a nation and work together to make America, the land of the free, a sovereign nation. Native Americans, who participated in the first Thanksgiving dinner are enduring inhumane treatment in their peaceful protest in the Dakotas, in their attempts to save our precious land. Why has the world come to this? For all these people, I pray.

However, first I wish to give thanks. I am thankful I am alive. Grateful to share time with friends, to share God’s bounty together. An open house, with open hearts, and open minds to come together in peace, in love and in community. We all share in making this meal by bringing a dish to pass. We all have a part. We all create a piece of the meal that we will share together. What am I bringing? I’m glad you asked.

Thanksgiving in the 21st Century

I’ll be bringing a dish that accommodates today’s different dietary restrictions. I’ll be preparing a dish that is vegetarian, gluten free, and will accommodate Paleo diets and more. Consider it an alternate to stuffing, or dressing but delicious with the turkey. It’s called a Mediterranean Quinoa Salad that is served as a side dish and made the day before and kept in the refrigerator. I’ve included videos and links for you to enjoy this wonderful addition to the thanksgiving meal for the twenty-first century.

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad – Gluten Free and Vegetarian

Ok, I heard her mention the Daniel Plan. What is the Daniel Plan? More info – watch this short video The other question I you are asking about now….where can I get the recipe for this salad? Here’s the link I know you’re looking for, The Daniel Plan Cookbook which includes the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad and more delicious and healthy recipes.


So what is quinoa? Maybe you’ve never heard of this seed. Although you can substitute it for other grains in your diet, quinoa is not a grain, and therefore it is gluten free. It’s even been called a super food. So what is quinoa? I’m glad you asked…

Quinoa 101

Make ahead tip: Cook extra quinoa and refrigerate for meals throughout the week. Here are 3 more recipes using quinoa great for lunch or side dishes. If that’s not enough, here’s 3 more quinoa recipes for you.

What is thanksgiving?

Is it truly a meal of gratitude, of sharing, of peace? I hope so. Please pray for those who protect our land, protect our country. The one thing to remember this Thanksgiving 2016….love is the answer. Give thanks and love with all your heart.


Start by loving yourself…want to be healthy?

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