When Life Gives You Lemons…

There’s something about lemons in water that makes me feel so good. I feel more refreshed, I feel more hydrated than by drinking just water alone. Just smelling lemons puts me in a better mood. I wondered why. And hence I fell down another rabbit hole.  Oh…my ADD is kicking in, last night we saw “Alice Through the Looking Glass” in 3D at the IMAX theater.  Wow, it was great! You’ll have to go see it. Did you know the Mad Hatter was mad (psychotic) because of the mercury used when making hats in the 1800’s? It’s called “Mad Hatter Disease“.

Why Am I So Interested in Lemons Anyway?

Sorry, I digress. No back to what my blog post is about.  You see my last name, Lalomia, means lemons. My husband’s family is from Sicily, the land of lemons. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. In Italy they make limoncello. More about that later.  Again, I wanted to know why lemons seemed to be one of the answers to finding a healthy status quo. At least they seemed the answer to my feeling better and they can be the panacea for you too.

fuschiaI was outside watering my hanging baskets when I noticed a lot of hummingbirds and orioles are around our feeders.  One plant, the fuschia, had a lot of white bird poop on it. Why is bird poop white? I used to raise parrots and studied biology, so of course in my nerdy way I thought about it. The first thing that came to mind was oxalates. It’s actually uric acid, but for some reason I thought oxalates and something told me I was on to something, even if I was technically wrong. I had an weird feeling that oxalates was the “key” for me. This was the key to my health issues and how I would find a way of natural healing for me. I think that it might help a lot of other people too. That’s why I’m sharing it with you. You might say a little birdy told me.

health benefits of lemon

I started doing some research on oxalates and learned it is tied to “leaky gut”. There is a probiotic that can help the digestive issues in the gut that should keep oxalates in the body on an even keel. Some people may not have this bacteria in their microbiome due to antibiotic use or surgeries or issues with the GI tract and can supplement with a probiotic, oxalobacter formigenes.¹

I also discovered In the most round about way that lemons are a remedy for my malady. Lemons are high in calcium citrate because they are in the citrus family of foods. Because of the combination of my genetic predisposition for MTHFR and also having had my gall bladder out, I was harving issues with to much oxalate in my system. My kidneys were trying to tell me they were not happy and I was trying to figure out why. It’s because of these two pre-existing conditions that I need calcium citrate, to bind with the fats in my digestive tract. Guess what food contains calcium citrate?  If you guessed lemons, you are correct. Bravo.

As a heart failure patient, I’m concerned about my kidney function and my liver function. I’ve struggled with low B6 all my life.  It wasn’t until I learned about MTHFR and methylation that I stopped the downward slope towards death, and started to coming back to life. Literally overnight.

So once I started down this “rabbit hole” I really went into more detail trying to understand these complex issues.  For more information I watched another video, that I will share is: The downside to high oxalates: Problems with Sulfate, B6, Gut and Methylation. It explained a LOT more and I recommend it for medical people, patients with MTHFR issues and patients with autism.

Warning: the video (above) is complex and your brain might implode watching it. I recommend this to medical savvy people only.

This was important for me, as a patient with a heart rhythm issue I need magnesium sulfate (MgSO4).  A high oxalate issue is leaving me deficient in sulfate. I need all my organs working efficiently or my heart won’t be able to recover from the heart attack I had. My recent bloating, weight gain and desire to take off my bra whenever possible, made me think that something wasn’t working right. Does that sound like anything you’ve ever experienced? Come on…I know you have probably at one time felt this way, of course unless you’re a man and don’t wear a bra. But you know what I mean.

Sulfur deficiency is a real problem in the US. If you have an oxalate issue you have a sulfur deficiency. This is the “perfect storm” for chronic disease. Check out what Weston A. Price has to say about sulfur deficiency in their article, A Possible Contributing Factor in Obesity, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s and Chronic Fatigue .

I had started taking some plant based digestive enzymes that come in a chewable tablet. The similar feelings to when I had gallbladder problems made me wonder whether I was digesting fat properly. I felt like I needed a degreaser for any fats I was eating. I thought of the lemon water that I had when visiting my husband’s niece. I knew instinctively that was what I needed to drink.

No More Sugar…Here’s Why

No more fruit juice. It has to much sugar and I noticed I just felt worse after drinking sugary drinks. I gave up soda years ago. But back to the hummingbirds. What does their diet mostly consist of?  Sugar. Their bodies are different than ours and they metabolize sugar differently.  We on the other hand, aren’t designed to live on sugary drinks all day long. If you’re following me, you’ll understand that a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates will ultimately lead to a higher incident of disease in our bodies. And I may be at a stretch here, but I’m thinking lemons might help those with what is known as “fatty liver”. Maybe other people have this oxalate overload issue that I do.

Dr. Mark Hyman – discusses Fatty Liver in his House Call series

In the video below you’ll learn a lot about why lemons are so fabulous for our health. Lemons are probably the most wonderful way to get healthy without cooking! I’ll share the recipe for my Lalomia Lemon Cooler. So ditch the soda, the fruit juice and get Sicilian….well…maybe not.

Did you know?

The health benefits of lemon include treatment of:

    1. Throat infections
    2. Indigestion
    3. Constipation
    4. Dental problems and fever
    5. Rheumatism
    6. Burns
    7. Obesity
    8. Respiratory disorders
    9. High blood pressure
    10. Benefits hair and skin
    11. Strengthen your immune system
    12. Cleanse your liver, and it is considered a blood purifier
    13. Kidney stones
    14. Reducing strokes
    15. Lowering body temperature (think hot flashes)
      As a refreshing drink, lemonade helps you to stay calm and cool.²

“The vitamin C content alone provides good reason to keep a steady supply of lemons on hand, but these bright citrus fruits also contain additional antioxidants known as flavonoids that may play a beneficial role in fighting heart disease, cancer, and inflammation.2 As noted in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry:3

‘The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Citrus flavonoids can play a key role in their activity against several degenerative diseases and particularly brain diseases.’ “

according to Dr. Mercola’s article referenced below.³

There are lots of ways to use lemons other than your diet. I’ve provided links below under the references that feature many other uses of lemons. I love to make my own cleaners that feature lemon or diffuse lemon essential oils in the air, it brightens up a gloomy day.

As the Italians say…”when life gives you lemons, make Limoncello.”  Limoncello is an Italian liquor made from fermenting lemon peels and vodka. Here’s the authentic version of how to make Limoncello, all the way from Italy.  I want to make some for a family member who will be celebrating in about 5 weeks.  I better go get started on it. If you don’t have 5 weeks, Giada shows you how to make a quicker version.

Now For Your Reward

If you haven’t already seen the trailer for “Alice Through the Looking Glass” here you are. Lemons are also good great mood enhancers, maybe Alice and the Mad Hatter should have had lemons in their tea?  After all…time is running out.


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