Where the Buffalo Roam, Bone Broth

Bone broth, the elixir of health and wellbeing. Since the beginning of time, humans consumed bone broth even before the first pots were invented. Turtle shells, hollowed bamboo and other natural materials were used to extract the essence of life in the form of broth made from the bones of the animals that were hunted and consumed. Buffalo roamed the earth and the indigenous people of North America used every part of the animal that was sacrificed to sustain the tribe, including the bones.

Why is bone broth so good for you?

I found this presentation Benefits of Bone Broth & Gelatin, by Weston A. Price Foundation to be very educational about the origins and health benefits of bone broth.

Doing a Bone Broth Fast


My husband brought me home a whole bunch of buffalo knuckle bones from Oleson’s grocery where he recently retired as a meat cutter. The buffalo are only grass fed, and for me local, so these bones are going to make a LOT of broth. He brought me 2 packages of bones with each package holding about 8 HUGE knuckle bones. I only used 3 in my Instant Pot for a batch, so I’ve got quite a few batches of broth from just 2 packages. I plan on getting two batches of broth from each pot full of bones. I used 3 quarts of water for a pot full, so I anticipate that I will end up with about several quarts of broth when I’m done.

Go with Your GutAs usual, I took the best ideas from several sources and created my recipe for broth. Since I just started using my Instant Pot yesterday, I wanted to find a source for how to do bone broth using the IP. I also wanted to roast my bones to start drawing the marrow from the bones. I also wanted the roasted bones to soak for 30 minutes in the apple cider vinegar and water to extract additional minerals from the bones.

Three recipes combined into one is the one I used. The fourth one, well let’s just say I love the video format and the music.

  1. Roast the bones according to the Chef at White Oak Pastures
  2. Indigo Nili – Soak for 30 minutes and pressure cook in the Instant Pot.
  3. Ingredients included were from the Bone Broth Recipe in Go With Your Gut.
  4. Farm to Table Family | PBS Parents


I liked the combination of ingredients that Robyn used in her recipe for the book, Go With Your Gut. After all she got the recipe from a woman in Asheville, North Carolina and I consider that my “home”. The Appalachian mountains are my culture, my ancestral roots and her recipe struck a chord in me that went beyond the taste of food.

What Can You Make with Bone Broth?

  1. Healthy gummy treats.
  2. Broth soup.
  3. Used as a substitute for stock in recipes.
  4. Portable Soup


I made two batches of broth with my bones and vegetables. I strained off the broth and put it in 2 quart canning jars. I added the bones, veggies and another 3 quarts or so of water (to the Max line on the inner pot) and set the IP for 120 minutes on high pressure and used a natural release for 40 minutes before I turned the vent knob and waited for the pressure cock to drop indicating it was safe to open the pressure cooker.

We ate a dinner of bone broth and veggies along with some left over prime rib. I froze the bones for yet another batch of broth with fresh veggies. The broth I made today will hold in the frig overnight to get it chilled well enough to skim the fat off the top and save for later. Then cook some of the broth down to a gelatinous consistency. Then I can pour the leftovers into the plastic freezer safe tubs that are smaller than the inner pot. I plan on pouring one quart in each tub, freeze it enough to put the frozen disc in a freezer bag for long term storage. When I have a recipe that calls for stock I can pull out as many “quarts” as I need. I’ll keep one quart jar in the refrigerator for immediate use. I see some healthy bone broth gummies in my near future.