Your Environment

Did you know that your health isn’t completely determined by genetics? You have the power to change the course of your personal health history with epigenetics. Did you know that genes can be turned on (expressed) or turned off (stay dormant) by what our bodies are exposed to? That’s right, what’s in your environment made be the difference in whether you are 1 in 2 men or 1 in 3 women who get cancer.  Do you have a family history of heart disease? Do you know what you can do to protect yourself from becoming the next family member to have it? This is known as epigenetics. Is it nature or nuture? (Epigenetics and the influence of our genes | Courtney Griffins | TedX Talk)

Not only does your environment effect you, but what you do today may effect your children, and your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren and 10 generations later. We’ve been told that there isn’t anything we can do because it’s “in our genes”…but is that true?

laundrySo what is in your environment that would make a difference?

  • Food
  • Water
  • Air (Air Fresheners, Laundry products)
  • Makeup, Personal Care Products (Shampoo, Deodorant, Perfume, Lotions, etc.)
  • Household Cleaners
  • Stain resistant, water resistant and fire retardant chemicals in clothing, furniture, and flooring
  • Weed killers, fertilizers and insect repellants


Every day we are exposed to chemicals in our environment, over 80,000 of them on the market today and the EPA only required testing of 500 of them.  The majority of them have never been tested for their impact on human health.  Did you know that 42 billion pounds of chemicals are produced or imported and we don’t know the health risks of 75% of them? What’s your body’s chemical burden?



Makeup contains so many toxins that a person who wears makeup absorbs approximately 5 pounds of toxins each year, through their exposure to makeup alone? Today I ran across this article about makeup. This is What Happens to Your Body When You Switch or Stop Using Cosmetic Products.

Ever wonder why there are so many sick people in our world today?  Why so many people have cancer, and why so many children?  Here’s an eye opener for you, an article that sums it up.  Chemical exposure linked to escalating health care costs.

How much do you know about cancer? Take a quiz — what’s your cancer IQ?

Here’s some suggestions on things you can do to minimize your daily exposure of toxins.

  • Eat organic, non-processed foods
  • Drink filtered water
  • Make your own non-toxic deodorizers, household cleaners and laundry products
  • Stop wearing makeup or switch brands (read labels, do your homework – check your makeup brand on EWG website)
  • Ask questions, do research before purchasing flooring, furniture or shopping for clothes
  • Learn about organic gardening and pest managment


In 2014 I researched the new laminate wood flooring on the market today and decided that I did not want to use this type of product and I’m glad I did. Watch this investigative report on wood flooring that you won’t want to miss.  If you’ve already purchased this product you may be interested in this latest report by the CDC.